Material Disclaimer

MATERIAL DISCLAIMER – UrbanSource Countertops always provides our customers the option to select the slabs that will be used for their particular application. If you choose to waive that option and would like UrbanSource Countertops to select slabs on your behalf we do need you to understand the below listed information:
–  Marble and Granite slabs are products of nature and natural fractures are common but not defects in your stone. The Marble and Granite Institution of America states that stone slabs reaching the market come from mountains that are many years of age and any inherent fractures are a part of the natural character of the stone. UrbanSource Countertops makes NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES AGAINST GRAZING, SCRATCHING OR WEAR ON THE STONE SURFACE OR OTHERWISE, AND ALL PRODUCTS ARE SOLD SUBJECT TO VARIATION IN COLOR, FLOW, GRAIN, TONALITY, SPOTTING, VEINING, SHADE, AND TEXTURE. UrbanSource Countertops will make all efforts to strengthen any fractures with liquid epoxy and avoid them whenever possible.

– UrbanSource Countertops does its best to select slabs as close to the provided samples of the material. However, because you have selected a natural stone, UrbanSource Countertops cannot be responsible for variations in the color and/or pattern in the material. Most natural stone material, by nature, has pits and fissures which is a signature that it is a natural product. These pits and fissures are not considered imperfections and UrbanSource Countertops cannot be held liable for any repairs or replacement of countertops due to natural variations.         

– Marble, granite, and limestone are products of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. UrbanSource Countertops is not responsible for stone fractures or color variations from one slab to another. 

– The seam placement is at the discretion of UrbanSource Countertops. Seam will be visible to the eye & touch. Every effort will be made to insure that the seam is placed in the best location for aesthetics and structural integrity. It is impossible to perfectly match color or veining when seaming two pieces of granite together. Color coordinated epoxy will be used to fill the seam to blend with the countertop. The location and number of seams is a function of manufacturing and installation.

UrbanSource Countertops reserves the right to refuse to fabricate using certain materials.

ADDITIONAL SERVICE CHARGE – $250 service charge will be added for following reasons.

  • If the cabinets are not ready at the time of scheduled measure date,
  • Unable to install countertops due to reasons beyond UrbanSource Countertops control.

CANCELLATION FEE – If the customer cancels their contract after the template(s), customer will be obligated to pay $250 fee as payment for the creation of the template.


  • Measurements given by customer for an estimate,
  • After the decision made contract needs to be signed by customer,
  • Require a 50% deposit before we take any template,
  • Formal measurement will be taken by the templater and final price will be send to the customer,
  • Fabrication of the selected material,
  • Installation of countertops.