The Calacatta Gold quartz design, which is a part of Silestone’s Eternal Collection, aims to bring all of the beauty and character of natural stone including color and vein variations that mimic what nature produces—to your living spaces. Put another way, you’ll receive the desired individuality along with all the advantages that come with non-porous, damage-resistant quartz that is long-lasting and simple to clean and maintain. But, in your kitchen, how can you pair Silestone Calacatta Gold Quartz like a pro? Continue reading to know.

Wonderful Ways To Pair Silestone Calcatta Gold Quartz In Your Bathroom

Countless numbers are there in order to pair silestone Calcutta gold quartz, some of which have been elaborated below that you can take ideas from for your bathroom renovation.

1. Classy Gold And White

A neutral pattern in white quartz countertops enhanced by shimmering gold fixtures and hardware is a great choice for anyone seeking classic elegance in a light-filled, airy kitchen. This interior design option is perfect for the Calacatta Gold quartz material because of its golden accents and pristine white background. You may add a large waterfall island, Silestone worktops, and brilliant white cabinetry. The light gray marble backsplash tile can echo the veining on the counter surfaces, while the dark wood flooring grounds the open-concept kitchen design.

2. Elegant Black and White

When it comes to kitchen decor, black and white is the ultimate classic combination. The sharp contrast clearly defines spaces and adds quick visual intrigue. When done correctly, it also adds a sophisticated touch to the entire design. A sleek and contemporary kitchen may showcase a modern take on the classic black and white color scheme, featuring smooth, iron-like black cabinetry and suede finish Calacatta Gold quartz worktops. In contrast, elements like burnished gold accents, leather seats, and light wood floors will provide a charming warmth to the otherwise austere space, colors and finishes soften the classic black-and-white style.

3. Using Wood To Stay Warm

Although warm wood tones may not be your first choice when it comes to countertops, the subtle addition of golden highlights in Calacatta Gold quartz kitchen counter tops guarantees a good match, as demonstrated in this quaint modern kitchen. The dark cherry finish of the cabinets is starkly contrasted with large white countertop surfaces, such as the perimeter and island countertops that reach vertically into the backsplash. 

4. Give Up On Gray And Pursue Periwinkle Instead

Periwinkle, as designated by Pantone, is the happiest blue color. With hints of violet and red, this purplish-blue color is vivid and adaptable, looking good against both warm and cold color schemes. Periwinkle is the ideal match for Silestone Calacatta Gold quartz in your kitchen, whether you go all out with periwinkle cabinets, stick to a backsplash, or play it safe with accessories in this bold hue.

5. Make Them Green with Envy

Green hues have dominated design over the past couple of years, and while you may be a little late to the party, you can still take advantage of this design trend in your kitchen when you choose Calacatta Gold quartz countertops. If you’re drawn to the saturation of jewel tones, you’re sure to love vibrant teal, as seen in this transitional kitchen remodel, where both stainless appliances and gold hardware pull from colors on the countertop surface.

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Silestone Calacatta Gold quartz, a luxurious surface, boasts a stunning resemblance to natural marble, elevating spaces with its elegant veining and durable, low-maintenance qualities. When you need to remodel your house, consider expert advice from us at UrbanSource Countertops to get the apex outputs. Our professional designer will deliver you fruitful services regarding granite, marble, and quartz countertops anywhere in your house. Call us today to capture our paced services!

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