How Polishing Impacts The Interior Of Marble Countertops High Point NC?


Marble Countertops Jacksonville NC, at UrbanSource Countertops, radiates classic style and refinement into any High Point residence. In addition, homeowners looking to add a bit of elegance to their kitchens or bathrooms frequently choose them because of their inherent beauty and toughness. But to keep them looking beautiful, they need to be regularly maintained. Polishing […]

How To Perfectly Pair Silestone Calacatta Gold Quartz In The Bathroom?


The Calacatta Gold quartz design, which is a part of Silestone’s Eternal Collection, aims to bring all of the beauty and character of natural stone including color and vein variations that mimic what nature produces—to your living spaces. Put another way, you’ll receive the desired individuality along with all the advantages that come with non-porous, […]

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Colors- Beautify Your Kitchen


The kitchen is that one space of your home that needs to be both beautiful and functional. The choice of your countertops influences the overall look of your kitchen interior. Quartz kitchen countertops are considered to be the most popular kitchen countertops material, famous for their different color and designs. The primary use of quartz […]

Marble Countertops High Point NC- A Complete Guide


Among all of the natural stones available for home decor, marble always stands out from the rest. There are several reasons, including its beauty, durability, design, and color variations. Marble countertops in High Point, NC give your home a luxurious look. As a homeowner, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, adding […]

Things You Need To Know About Quartz Kitchen Countertops

gray quartz countertops

Quartz kitchen countertops come with incredible durability and a wide range of colors. Quartz countertops have become trendy among homeowners to make their kitchen countertops look delightful. However, quartz is a naturally occurring material. Its surface is created using crushed quartz marbles combined with resin, pigments that give it a natural look. Quartz countertops are […]

Ways Granite Countertops Improve The Look And Function Of Your Kitchen

quartz kitchen

When renovating the kitchen, the countertops are the main thing to focus on the most as it decides the kitchen’s overall look. The second thing is to choose the appropriate stone for the countertop to ensure its longevity. And the granite countertops in Cary, NC, are the popular and natural countertops to use in the […]

How Much Will Granite Countertops Increase Home Value? 2023

Large luxurious kitchen with beautiful granite countertops, high ceilings, island, and lighting

As one of Raleigh’s leading granite fabricators, we know a thing or two about countertops when it comes to making a lasting investment. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors®, about 67% of what you spend on any kitchen upgrade is recovered when selling. So if you’re not planning to sell yet, […]

Can You Clean Quartz Countertops With Clorox Wipes

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners because of their durability and ease of maintenance. However, when it comes to cleaning, it’s important to use the right products to avoid damaging the surface. One question our team gets all the time is whether or not they can clean quartz countertops with Clorox wipes. […]